Home Audio Receiver No Sound?

I have an older RCA 5.1 Home Theater System. The sound went out on it and it only comes through the headphone jack. Is there a fix for a problem like this? Can't really afford a new one at the moment. Any advice is greatly appreciated. It's broken, because it was cheaply made, and so, it's not worth sinking any money into to fix. Sorry. This is one of the many reasons why we advise here to NEVER buy cheapnnasty allinone systems because their sound is bad, their connectivity is bad, the speakers cannot ever be used with any other gear and that they will break down, sooner usually rather than later. Save your money. Look for some gently used receivers and speakers on your local classifieds sites. Unfortunately you are left with just one option, and that is to replace it. Really. On a tight budget, seriously consider true components on the used market vs. an economy new system. The true components can be expected to last longer and be repairable. Your unit was not designed to be repaired. Consult an audio repair shop. Depends on whats wrong with it, No? If you do not feel up to looking inside it, try to find someone who does, would be the safest advice I could render.

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