Postaccident auto loan refinancing?

I was in the middle of trying to refinance my auto loan payments were too high when I got slammed in an accident. They thought the vehicle was totaled, but now they're saying it's repairable. If it's not getting totaled out, my financial situation is still untenable. Will I be able to try and. It's always worth a try, Good luck! The good news is that they can repair vs total it. If, they had totaled it, and IF the fair market value was not enough to pay off your "current" loan, then you would be on the hook for the balance of the loan and no car. Old or new loan, I hope you have GAP insurance, since if totaled and not enough to pay off, GAP pays the difference. Don't listen to g. After a vehicle is properly repaired, it's fine. Unrepaired damage absolutely kills a vehicle's value, but repaired damage means wait for it all the damage has been repaired. That means the vehicle will be in the same shape it was in before the accident happened. Sure you may. The repairs, done correctly should make no difference. The likelihood you will now be able to find a financial institution willing to refi the vehicle now is slim to none. Sure, you can try, but don't get your hopes up. Yes.

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