Comments on my poem?

Hello guys I aspired to write a poem and came up with this one. I have tried to use the theme of emergence of darkness in evening as metaphor for hard time. Kindly also share some suggestionsEmbarking GlintWhen the flickering sun make way for darkAnd majestic humble blowFills up the auraTime when curtain. you write like english is your second language, for that reason racist liberals will love you. i know what you are trying to do, invent a language within a language in the english medium, very few poets can do that, no americans i know, apart from me i know of only three others. edit. oh go on; because i feel i nearly despise you already and you have the god given striven grace to thumbs bum me. i'll let you into a secret without being to intertechnical.. you don't juckster things for effect.. example,.. the sparrow liked lightly light chipboard/= wrong the sparrow liked licked and pre licked chipboard/= right. Sorry, not the type of poem that I like. I like how you've used very descriptive language as it makes it easier for me to conjure up images that reflect your poem! It's a great start, just make sure you check your grammar and punctuation as there are a few mistakes. It seems uninspired. Is English a second language for you? It is different and I had enjoyment reading it. Many words I stand out and are unknown to me. these lines show imagination. Conveyors of chirp fly back to home Going back to welcome new beam of hope Intentionally in dark to hide in cage of wood Is when some ink flint up the spark.

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